blue movie one: Eugene S. Robinson and .sWineDriveR.

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DVD and large format art print (515mm x 455mm)

'Blue Movies' is a new series curated by the tape label Blue Tapes. Each release will consist of one DVD encased in an aluminium tin and one large format art print. Each release will be strictly limited edition.

Blue Movies also marks the first time that Blue Tapes has looked to other artists for visual inspiration, having previously handled all artwork internally. The DVD and visual artists are not working in collaboration, and the art print should not be thought of as 'cover art' for the DVD - the juxtaposition is entirely the caprice of the label.

For blue movie one, the DVD contains a short film made by the knuckle-clenched king of spoken word - Eugene S. Robinson. You may be familiar with Eugene from his writing, which has encompassed the cult Fight: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Ass-Kicking but Were Afraid You’d Get Your Ass Kicked for Asking book, as well as plays, novels and assorted writings on sports and pornography. You may be familiar with him competing as a mixed martial arts fighter (he's ranked 35th in the world), or from his role as bandleader, fronting the groups Oxbow, Strangers by Starlight, Black Face and Love's Holiday.

Perhaps less well known is Eugene's spoken word work, which is moving, hilarious and brutal all at once. If you ever get the chance to go see him then you must - even as an Oxbow fan its by far my favourite of his creative outlets. But then, to use the cliche, Eugene Robinson could read the phonebook and it would be moving, hilarious and brutal.

His contribution is a short film encompassing a classic Eugene Robinson narrative.

The visual half of blue movie one is provided by the photographer Timothy Wilson, aka .sWineDriveR. His image is entitled Dolorosa in a Jar, and is presented as a large, high-quality art print.

Praise for Eugene S. Robinson:

"There are few spectacles like Eugene Robinson, more than six feet of black muscle standing downstage, thighs spread, brief-clad crotch thrusting forward, eyes rolling in holy fervor. The crowd steps back a few feet and eyes the exits." - Pitchfork

"Author, writer, singer, fighter, actor, father, Eugene S. Robinson is the inspirational everyman for those of us choosing to follow the loves of their life. He’s also a pretty good poster-boy for those for whom the notion of getting a full-time, square job makes their skin crawl and testicles and/or ovaries shrivel up and retreat into the adjacent nether regions." -

"Robinson relishes irony and self-aware theatrics; raconteur storytelling and inauthentic reminiscence is blended with genuine emotional resonance and eccentric posing." - Decoder Magazine

"Robinson’s moaning, keening spoken word weaved a hallucinogenic tale of betrayal and frustrated revenge. The confusion, the anxiety, the sheer neurosis of Robinson’s narrator got to the very heart of noir." - Tiny Mix Tapes

"Eugene Robinson is, among many other things, the American-man version of P.J. Harvey — where she's eccentric and howling about what's been done to her, he's menacing and howling about what he'll do to you." - SF Weekly