blue six: Kellar

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Kellar are a two-piece free rock band from Brighton, comprising the rhythm section of drummer Andy Pyne (Thurston Moore, Shrag, Medicine & Duty) and bassist Dan Cross.

This is a two-tape collection of pieces from the original three-piece line-up of the group, featuring founder member and guitarist/synthesizerist David McNamee. The gold tape consists of original improvisations by the trio - first take, no overdubs, no preparation - worked together in a manner that roughly approximates their chaotic live sets of the time (by turns incoherent and transcendent), while the metallic red tape features new reworkings of the trio's recordings by their contemporaries: Bobby Whirlwind, Rysic Cygo, Mild Horses, Eighth House, Negative Pegasus, Court of Hidden Faces.

Praise for Kellar:

“This sprawling LP is the definition of great improv noise rock. It’s a deliriously stunning debut from one of 2012′s best new bands.” - Noise For Zeros

“Kellar come up with a RIGHT racket that possesses that sense of elation and narrative into a psychedelic nothingness reminiscent of Skullflower or Spacemen 3.” - Terrorizer

“Beloved Dean of Magic is a dense electrical storm of sound, impenetrable and cryptic, opaque and impervious to structure. Noise reigns supreme… Kellar do not exist to provide relief, they aim to confuse and challenge the very nature of our perceptions of music.” - Mudkiss

“Blistering guitar noise oscillating within some aggressive rock riffage cycled through kaleidoscopic variations in a concrete wall of pounding metallic magma. Electronic emissions induce astral projections as you blast off to the furthest reaches of time into a swirling void and are torn into a sea of particulate matter. Play it loud!” - KFJC

“For those of you who do like it noisy and who like improv that flows between freefall and structure, then this should be for you. Kellar throw almost everything at the listener. It’s as though they are throwing down the challenge to see who wants to stick it out. 4/5” - Echoes & Dust