blue ten: EyeSea

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C30 - each tape with unique artwork

This is the third release in our series of vocal studies (following Katie Gately and LostPoet), which examine what humans can do with their mouths, throats and lungs in the absence of other musical accompaniment.

But, even more excitingly, this is our first death metal tape.

Death metal is a much-favoured music in Blue Tapes world, even though that might not be immediately obvious from our previous releases.

Outside of throat singing (basically ancient, mystical proto-death metal) it is the most beautifully extreme use of the human voice - an invented language appropriate for demons to speak in.

Even without the quasi-occult connotations, DM vox are a brutal and particularly effective instrument, though not as blunt and crass as some may believe - there's a swarm of textures and tonal variations in even the most straightforward death growl.

For blue ten, we present gorgeous acapellas from the death metal band EyeSea.