blue thirty-four: Cadu Tenório


Pro-dubbed C45 with all-over onbody printing in printed O-card sleeve

Gorgeous. Glacial. These huge sculptures and expansive surfaces of electronic noise crafted by Rio's Cadu Tenório sparkle in every shade of black.

While definitively nocturnal, this largely beatless work probably shouldn't be read in the context of dark ambient - a music that, to be H, I tend to find pretty glum and boring. Dark ambient is static and one-note. Tenório's music surges and glitters and floods every part of your brain with images and sensation.

This music is symphonic in scope and soulful in execution.

Wait til everyone in town is sleeping and hit the streets, with blue thirty-four turned up to mindcleansing volume on your headphones. Like Burial at his best, Tenório's sounds breathe strange life into the after-dark urban world. With no people or traffic or commerce to distract you, the sound is all-consuming and transcendent. It's just you, the streetlights and the symphonies.

Praise for Cadu Tenório:

"The Rio-based Brazilian musician has created a sprawling, clattering discography, influenced by industrial and experimental performers such as Throbbing Gristle, Stockhausen, and Masonna. Like many noise musicians, he’s also been influenced by technology itself; as a child, he’d spend hours recording his broken guitar along with radio programs, toys, or room noises." - Bandcamp Daily

"All about the fragility. Almost falling completely apart. Into a blender of blissful reflection. Magic in sonics. Cadu Tenório is gonna get you fucking fooled" - Tiny Mix Tapes