blue thirty-three: The Begotten

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UPDATE: There was a problem with the first batch of tapes pressed. I am currently asking the manufacturer to resupply, so if your tape is defective please let me know. However, as the UK is now on lockdown it might take a while to get the order fulfilled. In the meantime, I am making the digital version pay what you like.


Pro-dubbed C45 with all-over onbody printing in printed O-card sleeve

A music of eerie winds and rattle and moans. This debut from improvisational sonic-horror masters The Begotten collates members and collaborators of groups such as Teleplasmiste, Gnod and and Rude Mechanicals. It's a darkly engrossing aural narrative that takes your imagination to some surreal places. Despite being entirely improvised, the listener is perhaps struck most of all by what seems like a fantastically deliberate use of mise en scène.

Originally formed to provide a one-off live soundtrack to an ultra-rare screening of E. Elias Merhige's sublime howl of cinematic blasphemy, the 1989 lo-fi silent horror classic Begotten, the group are rapidly becoming fixtures on the London experimental music scene as an entity in their own right thanks to a series of rapturous performances.

Recommended if you like: Blue Tapes artists like Father Murphy or Jute Gyte, space as an instrument, music as weather, sound as psychology.

Praise for blue thirty-three:

"The Begotten‘s debut release is a subtly shifting improvised spectrescape that opens on rattling chains and soft vocalisations, bells chiming a welcoming tocsin that soon becomes subsumed in the wafting drones and ominous scrapings that the quartet construct gradually into a viscous maze of unheimlich uncertainty." - Freq