blue twenty-five: 2ndSun


C40 + download

The best psychedelic music is relentless, repetitious - a jackhammer to your third eye. It needs to keep your cortex pumping, flooding with neurotransmitters, to the extent you’re only partially aware of the CG sprites and glitches flickering either side of your peripheral vision.

Fists clenched, teeth gritted, body frozen. Mind ready to dance.

That’s what 2ndSun’s music is - a rave for the throbbing mind. Spacey, atmospheric, but pulsating with energy. You feel, listening to it, as though you can astral-project into all of the classic parties throughout time and space - a night at Larry Levan’s Paradise Garage broken up by a visit to Riviera’s transgressive hologram orgy in Neuromancer, strobing between Spiral Tribe in 1991 and Yoruba drum rituals from 2991.

2ndSun are a duo of UK techno producers whose work has soundtracked the final series of Lena Dunham’s Girls, and who have won the support of Radio 1, Rinse FM, XLR8R, Thump and Skream, among many others.

blue twenty-five is recommended for any fans of our classic Pour Le Plaisir and Unfollow releases, or the oeuvres of LFO, Tzusing, Sweet Exorcist, Perc, Joey Beltram, and Schwefelgelb.

Praise for 2ndSun:

"‘Totem Spire’, which stacks up insistent arpeggios and a squealing-brakes synth riff, is like Robert Hood if he had to return all his gear in a few hours, and perhaps the highlight of this EP. As hard as cuts like ‘Shard’ and the electro-y ‘Velour’ go, there’s a becalming, sun-coming-up warmth to this music that makes 2ndSun more than welcome entrants into the bizarro-techno depths." - The Quietus

"Awesome, hard – and, often, weirdly catchy – techno... 2ndSun sound like the kind of noise you can imagine Darths Sidious and Vader boogying away to in the Death Star’s after-hours bar after they’ve clocked-off from a a hard day of laying waste to star systems. Cosmic bangers from the heart of the Empire." - 20 Jazz Funk Greats